TU LIPS (Prod. by Keenyn Omari)

by maassai

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God gave us the toughest skin to decorate our skeleton
Ain’t been gummy smiles or peaches but I’m chewing it like gelatin
so I’ll never let a lame n**ga take me out my element

where the hell u been? gone?
u betta learn the words to this song,
if me and u are gonna get along and das on dat

why y’all even gonna make it Black on Black?
break up the monotony
the vision isn’t clear but we are shaking up the prophecy
the mockery, a clown n**ga gotta be told
these tricks too amusing to u for u to be old
but i ain’t against the party cuz my n**gas got soul
we glistening spirits, shine in a meridian, gold
the operations off, don’t meddle in any our bones
no gold medal if u aint a wi-n-n-e-r
we don’t fraternize with losers
pop ya pimple, it’s a oozer
n**gas faces show the bruises
ring around the nooses
hands in the flour like my pocket full of tulips
and let the cash speak, that’s a pocket full of two lips
we boutta pass peak,
u will get ya ass beat
if u ain’t fucking witda trueness
new home, who dis?
land so Black, n**gas can’t see. who dis?
earth so green n**gas pass it in rotation
we ain’t fuckin witda trees, throw the plastic inda waste bin
get out ya blue bag, look at cycles u are breaking.
we happy and amazing
nappy and we making--
sure that it ain’t anything to straighten
covering the angles, all u get is a black picture
i wanna keep it a stack witcha
i cannot pitty and pat
this shit is serious, @ me--
social media, we the new social media.
wikipedia edited by middle aged white men
feeding ya head again, greedy and jealous and--sick,
giddem herbs cuz they move silly with medicine

where the hell u been? gone.
u betta learn the words to this song,
if me and u are gonna get along and das on dat.


released August 16, 2019


all rights reserved



maassai Brooklyn, New York

𝔥𝔬𝔬𝔡 𝔞𝔳𝔞𝔫𝔱-𝔤𝔞𝔯𝔡𝔢

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