by maassai

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spinach, kale
spinach, kale
spinach, kale- kale

spinach, kale
spinach, kale
spinach, kale

listen to what hun say
hotter than a sun ray
hotter than a can can dress on a sunday
what a bummer, nxggas in a slumber
pay close attention
it don't take much to ignite the vision
listen, nxggas is mundane
fuck w a fun dame
dash on em, cant catch up w the pun game
on some lame shit
limp tryna run game on some Usain shit
i mean are u really tryna get ur name clipped?
the language is famous for being tameless
i ain't lying, have u lying in a pool of ur own mind
since nxggas cant define existence till they unfind ignorance
or until the end is mad near
brain snap mad weird
ima contradiction, ima missile wrapped in cashmere
call it packin mad gear
fuck a coochie rub, i'm only comin if the bags there
i am gucci bruh, i just got the resting mad stare
nxgga scooped me inda hoopty, catch us inda lab where
u can easily spot me in all black like cat hair
back where i'm from nxggas will smack the air out u
to say that they care bout u, i'm that complex
he said you got this air bout u, its an ether flex (flex)
yea nxgga i seent ur text (text), that shit just had me perplexed
slay shit, spit fire, i be draggin it
killin it, body baggin it
good ass genes, and i'm saggin it
give u better access to kiss my ass, then hit the gas
i don't wanna have to get the trash aka YOU
i get cash, only fuck me pay you if its opposite day
hit you w the third optical
brain on a plane, time is unseen
mind is unclean, cuz i seen too much
nxggas say i'm mean too much
its cuz this shit mean too much to me
anything else is lunch to me
u not even a whole meal, just the fruit punch to me
its a buncha dump to me, whenever life comes for me
i ont even crunch now, i sit up comfortably
i sit up comfortably

bridge (x2)

i think i need to slip into somethin more comfortable
so i slip into my bag like a lunchable
no need to worry bout me, i am wonderful
just gotta get the bread, pumpernickle

distractions is obsolete, u popular by defeat
i'm poppin ya bubble,
tea is i'm poppin
a black madonna, to me i'm ya momma
and a bad school kid, cuz i'ma fuck up some commas
bars in my sentences, jail
run if ya ligaments frail
came from some tenements
boutta change my predicament
mother fuck what a idiot tell me
u could never derail me
tryna eat nxgga
im tryna eat nxgga
talkin that spinach and kale


released March 20, 2020


all rights reserved



maassai Brooklyn, New York

𝔥𝔬𝔬𝔡 𝔞𝔳𝔞𝔫𝔱-𝔤𝔞𝔯𝔡𝔢

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